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What is Jiu-jitsu and why is everyone talking about it? You’ve probably heard someone say jiu-jitsu is the best martial art and wondered why this is the case. Although Brazilian jiu-jitsu has been around since the 1920s, this martial art rose to prominence in the late 90s when the Gracie family created the UFC competition to prove that jiu-jitsu could defeat any other form of martial art – and they did!

In a huge win for women’s BJJ the AJP tour held it's first-ever Abu Dhabi Queen of Mats (ADQOM) in Rio de Janeiro this month.  ADQOM Bronze Medalist, Bianca Basilio says: “It means a lot to us that are competing and living from the sport. It is an important recognition, as women are increasingly representing the best jiu-jitsu everywhere in the world.”

If you missed the news: BJJ is great for your body and mind! The internet is literally covered in articles about how it will transform your life, but what about the benefits for young people? You can understand why a fun sport with a strong sense of community would attract interest, but BJJ is more than that. It's key elements are actually great building blocks for life: physical activity, discipline, perseverance,

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